Overseas Chinese Service Center (Dublin) was Announced in Irish Fujian Business Association

On September 28 2016, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council held the opening ceremony for the second batch of Overseas Chinese Service Centers (referred to as “Huazhu Zhongxin”). Currently, there are total 12 Overseas Chinese Service Center throughout the world. Irish Fujian Business Association is honored to be one of them. Ms QIU Yuanping awarded Irish Fujian Business Association with “Overseas Chinese Service Center (Dublin)” plaque.

The establishment of “Overseas Chinese Service Center ” is an important part of overseas Chinese beneficial project proposed by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. The OCSC(Dublin) aims to lead and to strengthen the development of overseas Chinese service system, motivate the impetus to survive, to protect legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese and help Chinese to adapt to overseas living environment. OCSC (Dublin) is expected to provide full care, to help with integration of overseas Chinese in Ireland community and to protect rights and interests of Overseas Chinese.

As Ms.QIU Yuanping said, “everyone has some troubles especially those who live abroad. We desire to build the ‘Overseas Chinese Service Center ’ into a warm family and to provide an opportunity to achieve mutual help within overseas Chinese community.”

Irish Fujian Business Association will support and provide service to overseas Chinese in Ireland, promote the cooperation with other Chinese organizations in Ireland. IFBA will take full advantage of local resources and will focus on the training and assistance in immigration, medical care, children’s education and social security according to overseas Chinese’s practical situation at a later stage. As for the crucial issues, taxation and employment, OSCS will also actively communicate with relevant government departments such as immigration, police, customs and tax in order to impel them to concern about Chinese’s interest and demand.

At present, the association has started to do decoration reconstruction and organized Chinese to write “Living Guide for Overseas Chinese in Ireland” in order to provide new immigrant with information about housing, employment, attending school and application for legal residence. Next, the association will also build website and Wechat official account for further development. At the same time, a volunteer team is going to be set up. We hope that more and more caring people are willing to join the extended family of overseas Chinese.