Introduction of Irish Fujian Business Association

Irish Fujian Business Association(IFBA) is led by several founders, including Mr. HE Yi, Mr. CHEN Daozhong, Mr. CHEN Yuhua, Mr. YANG Zunhai, together with enterprises in Ireland. IFBA was approved by Ministry of Commerce of Ireland as well as Chinese Embassy in Ireland. IFBA is also an officially registered organization in Dublin, Ireland, and it was officially registered on August 20th 2007.There are more than 200 membership enterprises across several industries.

The founding principle of Irish Fujian Business Association is “unity, communication, cooperation and service”. The aim of IFBA is to build an organization which is pragmatic, innovative and harmonious. The task of IFBA is to integrate resources of various stakeholders and to service to enterprises of Fujian origin in Ireland. We hope we would finally accomplish the desire of “resources sharing, complementary to each other and cooperative development”. In order to achieve the above, we are making the following efforts in a continuous way: coordinating relationships among members, solving problems, expanding markets, promoting cooperation and contributing to entrepreneurship and hometown building upon members’ returning to China.

Irish Fujian Business Association has been keeping close relationships with several business associations at home and abroad, such as Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Fujian Province and investment promotion departments in different provinces. IFBA is endeavor to provide membership enterprises with services such as business investigation, investment, financing, social information and project information. A strong consultant team, which is made up of leaders, domestic experts, scholars and elites from all walks has already been built.

Irish Fujian Business Association is actively exploring new operation mechanisms under the new situation. Since the organization was founded 10 years ago, our members’ have participated in various activities led by the president, Mr. YANG Zunhai, for example, investment and promotion conferences in China.