“Chinese Cuisine be Prosperous” (Attached to Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs under the PRC State Council) Visited Dublin, Ireland

“Chinese Cuisine be Prosperous” Team (Led by the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs under the PRC State Council) have arrived in Ireland on September 24th 2016.In order to visit the local overseas Chinese and carry forward the Chinese cuisine culture, “Chinese Cuisine be Prosperous” team showed the essence & beauty of Fujian cuisine cooking. They also visited 4 cities in Portugal and Sweden before they arrived here.

Ireland Chinese Circle, one of the most influential palmtops media in Ireland was invited to attend the event.

On September 26th, 2016 a Chinese Cuisine Training, sponsored by Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs under the PRC State Council, contracted out by Irish Fujian Business Association and Fujian Irish Association, held in Dublin. More than 30 distinguished guests assembled in the King 7 Restaurant, including the representative of Chinese Embassy of Ireland, Ms ZHANG Suyan – vice Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Fuzhou, Ms WANG Yao – principal staff member of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Fuzhou, as well as six famous chef from China (Ms WANG Yao, Mr. YANG Weihua, Mr. ZHANG Xian, Ms TANG Meifang, Ms JIANG Min and Mr. WANG Chaoyang), Mr. YANG Zunhai, President of Irish Fujian Business Association and Mr. ZHENG Qiliang, President of Irish Fujian Association and Mr. XUE Xing, President of Overseas Chinese Restaurant Association. During the event, one of the top 10 Chinese chefs and the inheritor of National Intangible Cultural Heritage – “Fo Tiao Qiang” ( A steamed assorted meats in Chinese Casserole), Mr. YANG Weihua introduced Chinese traditional cuisines culture to the guests who attended the event. Besides, another 5 famous chefs provided training to local chefs in Ireland.

Ms ZHANG Suyan, vice director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Fuzhou, delivered a speech. She said, “The plan of ‘Chinese Cuisine be Prosperous’ is an important component of the 8 ‘Overseas Chinese Beneficial Projects’. It aims to help overseas Chinese to develop and carry forward Chinese cuisines culture in the world. At the same time, a bridge for further culture exchange between Ireland and China is expected to build.” Ms ZHANG Suyan hoped that overseas Chinese could regard the activity as a motivation to promote the unity and communication between Ireland and China.

Edward, chief editor of “Irish Chinese Circle”, who was born in Fujian Province in China, put forward some advice on popularization of Chinese cuisines in Ireland. He suggests that overseas Chinese should convey the message to Irish that Chinese cuisines are not only delicacies but also a historical and cultural heritage.