Members of Irish Fujian Business Association visited Meiqi Holding Group Co

Mr. YANG Zunhai, president of Irish Fujian Business Association (IFBA), Mr. YAN Yanwen, secretary-general of IFBA and Mr. CHEN Daozhong, executive vice president of IFBA and Mr. REN Zujie, vice president of IFBA visited Meiqi Holding Group Co, which located in Quanzhou, Fujian on April 19th, 2012. Mr. XIE Bingzhen, chairman of Meiqi (China) Strategic Decision Committee, highly welcomed Mr. Yang Zunhai’s IFBA delegation. Mr. Xie also served as vice chairman of International Investment Promotion Council (China), dean of Logistics Business Institute of China, director Taiwan Chinese Business Institute, vice president of World Buddhist Peace Foundation, executive vice president of Chinese Photoelectric Industry Association and vice executive president of Federation of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of Fujian Province.

The meeting lasted for more than 3 hours. During the meeting, Mr. XIE Bingzhen elaborated on a new economic theory that he studied and which provides a solution to the current difficulties in Chinese circulation. The implement of this model allows operators to obtain the whole service including credit, information and logistics. It can also allow business individuals in a team aiming to form a strong regional circulation center and to occupy the main channel.

The model is a best solution for the global capital supply chain. The core idea is to adopt credit instead of cash, which fundamentally solve the problem of insufficient capital in production and circulation. And economic development won’t be restricted by limited capital any more.

The delegation of Irish Fujian Business Association has never heard about this new economic theory. Although they were still suffering from jet lag, the delegation listened carefully and asked several questions to Mr. Xie. The wonderful introduction from Mr. Xie really impressed the delegation.

Mr. ZOU Shaohua, vice chairman of CPPCC of Jinxi county, Jiangxi Province & director of Jinxi Industrial Park Management Committee and Mr. XIAO Jianping, vice president of Merchants Bureau of Jinxi County and Mr. JIANG Weihua, director of Jinxi TV Station also attended the meeting.

Meiqi Holding Group has invested in the construction of a 3,000 acre site, called “International Purchasing and Regional Logistics Center of the West Bank” , with 30,000 operating seats in Jinjiang, Fujian Province. The total amount of the investment was over RMB 10 billion. The first phase of the project is now under way, and a transaction area with 4,000 seats will be completed next year. The company who enters the area can enjoy free rent for 20 years. And a non-interest loan and capital will be offered. The center will start to draw merchants in the whole country soon.