Mr. LIU Chunfeng, director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Beijing visited Irish Fujian Business Association

Mr. LIU Chunfeng, director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Beijing and Mr. YU Jianming, vice director of Economy and Technology Division of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Mr. GENG Chaodong, president of Exterior Communication Division of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Beijing, were invited to attend the meeting held by Irish Fujian Business Association. And Mr. YANG Zunhai, president of Irish Fujian Business Association (IFBA) and Mr. CHEN Dehua, executive president of IFBA and Mr. CHEN Daozhong, board of supervisors of IFBA and three executive vice presidents of IFBA (Mr. YAN Yanwen, Mr. REN Zuquan and Mr. CHEN Yuhua) and Mr. ZHENG Qiliang, president of Irish Fujian Association and Mr. WANG Qi, executive president of Irish Chinese Restaurant Association and Mr. GU Zhensong, president of Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs, with his wife also attended the event. Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and representatives of overseas Chinese met to discuss development issues.

Director Liu Chunfeng said the visit was aimed at visiting overseas Chinese and strengthening contacts. Chinese and overseas Chinese have a lot of relations with China’s economic, cultural and national relationship. At present, 60% to 70% of foreign-funded enterprises in China directly or indirectly relate to overseas Chinese. Mr. Liu stressed that “no Chinese and overseas Chinese, no China’s current situation”. Overseas Chinese for all walks have made outstanding contributions to the development of motherland. The entrepreneurial spirit of overseas Chinese and their gratitude for the society were impressive. Besides, overseas Chinese have brought the excellent traditions of China to all over the world.

Seeing the booming business of Chinese business community in Ireland, Mr.Liu expressed his great relief. And he emphasized that overseas Chinese Affairs Office is the most solid backing for overseas Chinese, providing services and guarantees for Chinese all over the world at any time. Firstly, China maintains the rights and interests of overseas Chinese. Relevant policies will be introduced especially in Beijing government, where shoulders the responsibility of 60 million Chinese and overseas Chinese.

The rapid development of Ireland was the thing that impressed Mr. Liu most. Many international well-known corporates’ headquarters have been settled in Ireland from animal husbandry to high-tech industry. Dublin and Beijing are friendly cities. And Beijing needs to learn from the experience of Dublin’s 60-year-period efficient transformation. Immigration is an important driver for the country’s development. And what China lacks is just close contact with overseas Chinese.

Mr. Liu hoped overseas Chinese could bring the development patterns of Ireland to Beijing. Beijing will also provide overseas Chinese with larger platform. The most important function of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office is to contact in order to safeguard the interests and promote the development for overseas Chinese. “‘Well-developed business and happy family’ is our aspiration and also our expectation”, Mr. Liu said.

The talk ended with a gift-exchanging session. The red scroll of “Fu” expressed good wishes for overseas Chinese and also, represented relevant sectors’ firm belief in the service for overseas Chinese.