Mr.TAN Tianxing Inaugurated the Branch for Overseas Chinese Service Center

ON February 19, 2016, Mr.TAN Tianxing, the deputy director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and Mr. XU Jianguo, Chinese ambassador of Ireland, jointly inaugurated the branch for the first Overseas Chinese Service Center (referred to as “OCSC”) in Ireland. After the inauguration ceremony, Mr.TAN Tianxing attended the meeting named “Building up Harmony within Overseas Chinese Associations” and had a great communication with the representatives in Chinese community.

Almost 40 people witnessed the inauguration   ceremony for Overseas Chinese Service Center (Dublin), including Ms. WANG Ping, director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office; Ms.ZHU Huiling, director of Overseas Exchange Association of China; Mr. WU Lijun, Consul General of the Embassy of Ireland; President of the European Times Media Group; Ms. ZHANG Xiaobei, President of the European Times; Mr. YANG Zunhai, the President of Irish Fujian Business Association.

Setting up Overseas Chinese Service Center (Dublin) is one of the “Eight Projects which benefit Overseas Chinese”. It aims to promote the mutual assistance within Chinese community especially for vunerable groups. It is reported that OCSC (Dublin) will follow the principles of serving Chinese and actively providing the service to vunerable groups and providing help in emergency. OCSC (Dublin) is also trying to prompt cooperation and to safeguard members’ legitimate rights and interests.

Mr.TAN Tianxing sang high praise of the achievements of Irish Fujian Business Association and provided some useful advice in terms of building a better OCSC (Dublin) in the near future. These advices include editing and publishing a handbook named as “Living Guide for Overseas Chinese in Ireland”, setting up official website and creating Wechat official account for further development and providing legal aid. Besides, Mr. Tan Tianxing also suggest OCSC (Dublin) to form a volunteer team and to set up a foundation. He expected that Overseas Chinese Service Center (Dublin) would develop nicely in a continuous way.

Mr. YANG Zunhai, the President of Irish Fujian Business Association said, “the inauguration ceremony is a joyful event which is the wish of the Chinese community in Dublin. A donation of 3000 euro from Mr. HE Jiajin, the Chairmen of European Fujian Development Union, was received on the day of ceremony.

Mr. TAN Tianxing also held a discussion with Chinese representatives and listened to overseas Chinese’s aspirations. He said, “Building up and Maintaining Harmony within Overseas Chinese Community” is a concept which put forward in 2007 by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. It aims to build a win-win cooperation. It is a target, a process, a practice and it is a permanent task.

Mr. TAN Tianxing said, the overseas Chinese in Ireland showed an excellent image to the world although the number of Chinese in Ireland is far less than it in other countries. He especially expressed his appreciation to several overseas Chinese in Ireland who generously sent donations to schools in China and to provide financial assistance to some poor children for a long time. It fully reflected their concern and support to motherland. Our country and people will be always remembering their contributions.

Mr. XU Jianguo expressed his thanks to Mr. TAN Tianxing’s visit and advice. He said, it is the duty of Chinese Embassy in Ireland to provide any possible support in order to build up a harmonious Overseas Chinese community.

Before attending the meeting, Mr. TAN Tianxing visited Asian Market which is running by Mr. BAO Shaojun and sent his best wishes to the staff there.

Mr. TAN Tianxing paid a special visit to Mr. SUN Dawen, the Academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Ireland. Mr. SUN Dawen is also a member of the European Academy of Humanities and Natural Sciences (European Academy of Sciences). He is an international academic authority in the field of biological systems and food science. He is also a director of Food Research Center in University College Dublin and the first Chinese tenure professor in Ireland. Mr. TAN Tianxing introduced a new policy of “Chinese green card” to Chinese students in UCD. Overseas Chinese are always welcome to return to China and to cooperate with domestic institutions.