[Singing for the Love of China] “Water Cube Cup” (2016) Ethnic Chinese Youth Songs Contest Came to a Successful Conclusion

On June 29th, 2016, “Water Cube Cup” Ethnic Chinese Youth Songs Contest was held successfully. Mr. GUO Kai, director of Chinese Embassy in Ireland and Mr. JIANG Jingbing, secretary of overseas affairs and Mr. YANG Zunhai, president of Irish Fujian Business Association & principal of Overseas Chinese Service Center and Mr. ZHENG Qiliang, president of Irish Fujian Association and various overseas Chinese communities and local media, attended the event.

The event was sponsored by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of State Council, jointly People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and Federation of Youth in China. And it was undertaken by Publicity Department of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Cultural Department of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing State-Owned Assets Management Co. LTD. Beijing TV Station, Beijing National Aquatics Center Co. LTD and Beijing Performance Co. LTD. It was assisted by Chinese and Foreign Celebrity Cultural Industry Group.

Chinese Embassy in Ireland gave full support to the event. Besides, Overseas Chinese Service Center (Dublin), Irish Fujian Business Association, Huayi Baina Culture Communication co. LTD, Irish Chinese Association, Irish Chinese Professionals Association, Irish Fujian Association, Irish Chinese Commercial Association, Irish Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs Association, Irish Chinese Cheongsam Association, Irish Chinese Students and Scholars Association and Irish Shanghai Sodality also offered their support to the event.

The reporter chatted with contestants before the contest. They were nervous but excited. They all hoped they could get a good result.

They contestants performed very well in the contest. YE Lixin’s technician R&B style was shocking. WANG Zhongwei, the editor said, was not only an influential singer, but also the most romantic contestant. The trios-MAJOR 3rd (a cute lead singer, a lovely piano player and a special girl guitarist) was talented. Darling child CHANG Gongshuo, was a little nervous at the beginning, but sang loudly after a while. His brave was praised. MIX Girls’ performance also surprised audiences and they seemed like stars since childhood. Zheng Yuxuan gave an affectionate interpretation of “Lake Baikal”. The audiences liked his voice because it was very impressive.


1st: Wang Zhongwei


2nd: Ye Lixin

3rd: MIX Girls

Mr. GUO Kai, director of Chinese Embassy in Ireland accepted the interview and he said: “The event was held and organized successfully. The young contestants made a lot of efforts for the event. I’m proud of these talented children.”


At last, the director wished that all contestants could go further and better. And may WANG Zhongwei and YE Lixin get a better performance in the contest in Beijing in order to win glory for Chinese in Ireland.

The contestants not only showed teenagers’ talents, but also exchanged their feelings during the event. In the future, they will also contribute to inherit Chinese traditional culture and promote international cultural exchange.