The Charity Dinner for Chinese Language School of Overseas Chinese Service Center (Dublin) and the Anniversary of Irish Fujian Business Association named “Little Drops of Love in the Childishness” came to a successful conclusion

On the night of January 17th, 2017, the charity dinner for Chinese Language School of Overseas Chinese Service Center (Dublin) and the anniversary of Irish Fujian Business Association named “Love is in Childishness”, sponsored by Overseas Chinese Service Center (Dublin) and undertook by Irish Fujian Business Association. And it came to a successful conclusion at Hilton Hotel (Charlemont).

Thanks to generosity of donors including Chinese, overseas Chinese and some famous Irish, Chinese Language School of Overseas Chinese Service Center totally raised 6500 euro. As part of Chinese Funds of Overseas Chinese Service Center, the donation will be exclusively used to operate and expand Chinese Language School.

More than 180 people participated in the event, including Mr.PAN Haoquan, the consul general of Chinese Embassy in Ireland, Mr. JIANG Jingbing, the secretary for Overseas Chinese Affairs of Chinese Embassy in Ireland, Mr. Brendan Carr, the mayor of Dublin, Mr. BAO Shaojun, the President of Chinese “Hetonghui”, Professor. WANG Liming, the director of the Confucius Institute in University College Dublin, Mr. YANG Zunhai ,the President of Irish Fujian Business Association, several well-known overseas Chinese in Ireland and teachers and students of Chinese Language School of Overseas Chinese Service Center.

From left: Chen Huade, Pan Haoquan, Yang Zunhai, Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr, Wu Yong

During the event, outstanding students in the school were honored. And special contribution awards were awarded to Mr. LIN Bin, Mr. WANG Changxiu, Mr. WU Yong, Mr. SHI Hua, Mr. SU Peixin, Ms LIU Danyun and Mr. CHEN Xuan.

The mayor of Dublin gave a gracious speech. He praised Overseas Chinese Service Center’s outstanding contributions to Chinese immigrants’ education and integration of Chinese immigrant. And he commended Irish Fujian Business Association for its extraordinary efforts in public welfare.

Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr

Mr. SU Peixin, the schoolmaster of Chinese Language School of Overseas Chinese Service Center, introduced the school’s history and current situation. He expressed sincere gratitude for the financial support provided by Irish Fujian Business Association at the beginning of running the school. Besides, Mr. Su introduced future plans of the school: Chinese Language School will cover more and more areas and communities, in order to provide Chinese language education more conveniently for Ireland-born Chinese teenagers.

Su Peixin

Mr. YANG Zunhai , the President of Irish Fujian Business Association(IFBA) and the Principal of Overseas Chinese Service Center, introduce the history of IFBA and its achievements in 2016: assisting the promotion meeting for Longhua New District of Shenzhen; FTZCOC Overseas Warehouse Community and Overseas Talents Office of Fujian settled in IFBA; holding “Water Cube Cup” Youth Singing Contest and investing to establish Chinese Language School of Overseas Chinese Service Center.

Yang Zunhai

As the Principal of Overseas Chinese Service Center(OCSC), Mr. YANG Zunhai said, “ OCSC is a an independent charity organization which faces to all Chinese and overseas Chinese in Ireland. OCSC provides counseling services to safeguard the legal rights and interests of Chinese and overseas Chinese Besides, OCSC will constantly strive toward a warm family and promote the integration of overseas Chinese into the local society.” Currently, OCSC has compiled a guide to Irish life, set up a WeChat public platform (OCSC-Dublin), opened a service hotline (018788631) and established the OCSC Fund. In the future, more kinds of free assistance will be adopted to help more Chinese people.

During the dinner, the children from Chinese Language School, together with the children from Irish Chinese Youth Music Exchange Council, presented the wonderful performance of the “little drops of love in the childishness” The children showed off their skills on the stage in turn. The performance started with opera “Maishui” which reminded audiences of Chinese history and culture. CHEN Yuhao and YANG Xinlei played classical music with their violins. The melodious sound of the hulusi solo by JIN Changjie lingered in the hall. The solo by LIN Xinyi and the dance by GUO Xinyi, WU Yunxi and LIN Zhiyi bought youthful atmosphere. And the performance “Sanjuban” by WANG You, YU Yixin, YU Yiqi and CHEN Yanxi brought more laughter and fun. The guzheng performance “Yuzhou Changwan” and poem recitation “Guanju” sounds like an integral whole. A famous guzheng teacher in Ireland named Jiani also brought a wonderful guzhzeng performance “Xueshan Chunxiao” for the guests. Finally, the performance successfully came into conclusion with children’s chorus “Tongyishouge”.

Yang Xin Lei, Chen Yuhao

Neria Wang

Jin Changjie

Gege, Lin Xinyi

Jia Ni

Later, the charity auction led by Mr. LIU Lin, the chief editor of Huarenbao, was extremely popular. The presence of caring guests bade fiercely. There were more than 10 auction items, provided by Chinese Embassy in Ireland, Irish Fujian Business Association, Irish Fujian Association, Irish Youth Entrepreneur Association, Huarenbao in Ireland, Easy2Go Logistics, Smith Education Counseling and Zhuzi Studio. The cloisonne vase provided by the embassy was sold for 560 euro and was won by an Irish. And the children’s paintings cost 120 euro and 150 euro respectively.

We not only saw wonderful Chinese art culture, but also witnessed the full love of guests during the charity auction. More than 4,000 euro was sold for the auction. At the same time, Ms CHEN Minqi, from Shanghai Union, Ms PU Ying, from Irish Qipao Association, Mr. ZHONG Xiaojin and Mr. James Norton also donated cash to Overseas Chinese Service Center.

At last, especially thanks for the support of following organizations: Irish Shanghai Union, Huarenbao in Ireland, Irish Youth Entrepreneur Association, Irish Chinese Youth Music Exchange Council, Irish Chinese Art School, Irish Overseas Chinese Catering Association and Irish Fujian Association. Thanks for the sponsorship of following organizations: Shiluo Rose Tea, Henghui Food, Hailanjiang Catering Group, Laochengdu, King 7, Tiandu Haircut and Hilton Charlemont. Thanks for the hard work of volunteers: LEI Bo, ZHANG Zhenhua, OU Mei, CHENG Siyao, YAN Haizhen, GAO Chenlu, ZHENG Bowen, CAI Yunfei and Tina. (The list above is not in any particular order)